Synced Orientation Responsive
Video Plus

  • Previews: Mobile | Tablet
  • Ad Formats: Interstitial
  • Client: Acura


The Mission

When buying a car, a consumer’s journey could include as many as 900 digital interactions over a 3-month period, with 35% of conversions happening on a different device from where they started.

In order to effectively create awareness among younger audiences, Acura partnered with Brand Networks to create engaging cross device ad units for its new TLX model.

The Campaign

Brand Networks' in-house creative team leveraged Acura’s original creative assets to generate a suite of units tailored for every device.

For Mobile and Tablet, Brand Networks created 3 units:

A Cube, which is a high-performing, yet cost effective 4-sided interactive display banner.

Vertical Video Units, which allowed the viewer to watch the ad in a hand-held state on mobile and tablet, driving high Video Completions Rates.

And lastly, Brand Networks' proprietary Orientation Responsive Video Plus.

This unit allows full-screen video playback in both vertical and standard formats to match the orientation of the viewer's device. The units also contained a CTA which drove up the CTR.

For Desktop, Brand Networks created Expandable Banners with 4 action-packed videos. The unit also contained an interactive 360º view, allowing the consumer to explore the features of the TLX. Directions to the user's closest dealership were dynamically populated based on the their location.

The Results

The campaign was a huge success, with a traffic rate of .24%, which was nearly double the benchmark set by Acura. The custom video and vertical video units also outperformed standard pre-roll CTR benchmarks by 400%.

These spectacular results could only be achieved with a cohesive cross-device strategy. Brand Networks' creative team is here to help brands deliver their message across all devices.