Interstitial with Device Shake Feature

  • Previews: Mobile | Tablet
  • Ad Formats: Interstitial
  • Client: AT&T


The Telco company approached Brand Networks to help them launch an engaging mobile and tablet campaign to promote holiday deals.

The Mission

Create a unique user experience for mobile and tablet shoppers; Drive users to engage with the company’s creative; And increase overall website engagement.

The Campaign

Brand Networks created a rich media campaign for the Telco company, which included attention-grabbing animation and the use of haptic technology.

When the ad appeared, it displayed a graphic of a snow globe and encouraged the viewer to shake the device to reveal the offer inside. Shaking the device activated changes in the graphics: snow began to fall inside the snow globe and an offer was uncovered. In addition, a follow up Call-To-Action appeared, prompting the viewer to tap the the ad for more deals available on the Telco website.

For Android mobile users, shaking the phone was accompanied by a vibrating effect. This haptic element created a more unique, exciting and engaging experience for the user, who spent more time with ad, thereby driving more site visits.

As a result of Brand Networks' creative take on cross-device ads, the Telco company achieved their goals and reached a more engaging audience than anticipated.

The Results

4.9 Million Impressions
7.27% Tablet Engagement Rate / 1.89% Mobile Engagement Rate 19.18% Higher Engagement Rate for Android Devices compared to iOS Devices
44% Lift on CTR for Android Users Compared to iOS
138% More Time on Average was spent with Android Devices compared to iOS