MTV Awards

Expanding & Interstitial with
Vertical Video

  • Previews:Tablet | Mobile
  • Ad Formats: Expanding, Interstital
  • Client: Viacom


Orientation Responsive Matters!

Case Study Video


• 2016 Communicator Award of Excellence, Orientation Responsive Interactive Video

• 2015 MarCom Gold Award, Mobile App / Web / Mobile Advertisement

The Mission

Video advertising shown on interactive devices utilizes the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio. But most people using a smartphone begin their video ad experience in portrait mode, resulting in a less than ideal video viewing situation.

The Campaign

To create the best ad experience possible, we came up with a dynamic and responsive interactive video ad unit that serves the appropriate video in real-time across our DSP. Our single-tag ad detects the viewers phone orientation and then formats a device-appropriate full screen video interactive ad experience, eliminating the need for the user to rotate their phone to watch the full-screen unit.

The Results

74% Viewed in Portrait Mode
26% Viewed in Landscape Mode
1.83% Engagement Rate
47% Portrait Audience Video Completion Rate
57% Landscape Audience Video Completion Rate